Our Cost

The cost for the 2019/2020 season is $1000.00 

$75.00 a month for the whole year program.  You do not need to travel an hour North or South for training sessions. No longer do you need to reach deep into your wallet for those $2000.00 fees. No longer do you need to tack on an extra $300/$500 for Uniforms. 

Our $1000.00 fee allows for us to cover field cost, home and away kits, referee fees, tournament fees, coaching stipends, league fees equipment needs and registration cost.  

We want families to understand that as a Club, we want the best players playing and we fully understand that money can be a major hinderance to why players who deserve better training and a better playing enviroment often times do not get the opportunity.  Below you will find how we help families cover these cost by allowing an easy payment plan.  

2019 Payment Structure

2019 High School Boys Payment Structure

Free Lunch*

Uniform Fee Included!!!

Free Lunch*
30% 30%
Payment Plan

All Payments Due End of Month

700 Payment Plan Paid in Full 1000 700
Boys U16-U19 Pay Plan 3

Girls U10-U19 Boys U10-U15

No Pay Plan** Pay Plan 1 Pay Plan 3
February 2020 75 48 May 2019 900 175 175
March 2020 75 48 June   75 48
April 2020 75 48 July   75 48
May 2019 175 175 August   75 48
June  75 48 September   75 48
July  75 48 October   75 48
August  75 48 November   75 48
September  75 48 December   75 48
October 75 48 January 2020   75 48
November 75 48 February   75 48
December 75 48 March   75 48
January 2020 75 48 April   75 48
Total 1000 703     1000 703
* Finacial Aid is available to those who qualify for Free Lunch.
** Familes who pay in full receive a $100.00 discount.
Uniform kit Includes Home and Away Top, Shorts and Socks and a Training Top
May Fee is 175.00 and is due by the end of the month for uniform order.

Fincial Aid is Available!

Familes are encouraged to reach out to us if other arrangements need to be made so that their child can receive the best training around. Please contact us at twin.city.union@gmail.com and we would love to chat with you about how we can meet your players needs. We understand that sometimes the above payment plans do not work for everyone. We want to assure you that we will do what we can as a Club to make things work and we never want money to be a reason that keeps talented individuals from playing the sport they love. Money has never been a reason a player cannot play for us.