Grocery Outlet On Board For Second Season Partnership

Grocery Outlet On Board For Second Season Partnership

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to sit down with Nicole Barnes and Michael Morgan, owners of Chehalis Grocery Outlet.  In the time spent, we were given the opportunity to share our vision once again for the Club as well as hear their story and the passion they have for our Community.  

We were very excited to hear that our vision for our community is very much a shared one.  

It didn't take long for Michael and Nicole to tell us how excited they were to be on board once again.

Michael said in an email: 
"There are many reasons we feel this partnership works for our
business the most important of which is how closely our cultures and vision match.
Your steadfast support of providing youth in our community an avenue to participate at
the highest levels of soccer while making it affordable for all is near and dear to us. It is
disheartening to see economic barriers stand in the way of our youth pursuing their
sports goals and dreams. Your club philosophy of providing relief in this area opens
doors and creates possibilities regardless of financial circumstance. We applaud that!"

Marketing Director, Eric Burkevics was able to sit down with the two Grocery Outlet owners over a two week time period and make sure that all needs were met and agreed upon. Eric has told the club that he envisions Grocery Outlet to be an integral part of the clubs future for many years to come. 

The Grocery Outlet in Chehalis has been family-owned and operated for over twenty two years. Owners Nicole Barnes & Michael Morgan are involved in several organizations within the community who’s shared vision is to help others find their paths to success, provide assistance to those who are in economic need, and support those in our community who are developmentally disabled by providing them with meaningful and challenging employment opportunities.

Because of our sponsors, we were able to issue over 10,000.00 in scholarships last year.

Grocery Outlet joins Olympia Physical Therapy and Northwest Sports Medicine as 1st Class Sponsors.  You can learn more about Grocery Outlet and their passion for our Community by visiting our 1st Class Sponsor Link 

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